TW3 is about transformation that starts on the inside of an individual and is reflected in their work and their influence in the workplace.

Transforming the worker, the work, & the workplace.
What We Do

TW3 luncheons are designed to equip Christians to be salt and light as they live out their faith in the marketplace. Once a month we provide a non-threatening, non-church venue where you can invite your friends and co-workers to hear workplace topics presented from a Biblical perspective and enjoy their lunch break. We have time to meet new people as well as hear a lesson on ways to incorporate faith into your everyday work.

Benefits of Joining TW3

Distinguishable from typical business luncheons
Christian community-wide focus, non-denominational 
Builds Christian camaraderie & networking
A legitimate business expense 
Small groups that use the meeting notes as a launch point for study
Topics with REAL WORLD APPLICATION in your business 


Come Join Us!